Saturday, October 2, 2010

I miss my bestfriend.

I’ve been her BFF for… 5 years now. And she ditched meeee ;( I really really, reaaallllyyy miss her! I feel like she hates me.

Isn’t it sad how my ‘bestfriend’ never texts me except for homework, and this kid I barely know texts me everyday? Daaamn, what happened? Shit, I need to get her back LOL.

While I’m on the topic.. it really bugs me (grinds my gears! :D) when girls be like, ‘I miss my bestfriend’ who’s not really their bestfriend. It’s just some guy they had strong feelings for, and told them everything cause they thought the guy was trustworthy and the girl thought they could fall in love, or some shit. stfu. You’re not bestfriends. Get over it.