Saturday, October 2, 2010

I miss my bestfriend.

I’ve been her BFF for… 5 years now. And she ditched meeee ;( I really really, reaaallllyyy miss her! I feel like she hates me.

Isn’t it sad how my ‘bestfriend’ never texts me except for homework, and this kid I barely know texts me everyday? Daaamn, what happened? Shit, I need to get her back LOL.

While I’m on the topic.. it really bugs me (grinds my gears! :D) when girls be like, ‘I miss my bestfriend’ who’s not really their bestfriend. It’s just some guy they had strong feelings for, and told them everything cause they thought the guy was trustworthy and the girl thought they could fall in love, or some shit. stfu. You’re not bestfriends. Get over it.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

watch you watching me, i go all ouuuut

Ugh, I got a runny nose. *Sniffle*sniffle*.

School starts in a week. Actually less than a week... 5 days. Blehhhh..
I've actually never wanted summer-to-not-end this much in my lifeee.
In english class, we read this poem that conveyed us as humans always eager for the future. Like for example, "I can't wait for next Friday!" or "I just want to grow up, and live my own life." or "one more hour..."
and I suppose that's true for the most part.
But I found myself wanting to stay in this state foreverrrr. Hahaha, maybe not forever, but atleast 2 more months pweasee?


^ sorry, the rentals were irritating me and i was being an angsty teen.

ANYWAY. I decided I should have a different outlook on school. On the bright side.. TV shows will be starting again! Aaand.. what else? New classes = new people = new experiences = FRESSH :D
Also I really want to work harder this year. But i dunno, usually I have a good intuition at the start of something big like a new year, or a new month, or something. This new school year, I'm not getting exactly the best hunches right now..
So I'm a little worried.. maybe I just need to try to pull myself out of summer mode.
Ohmygawsh. I JUST remembered.. uniforms.
Ohmygawwsh. I also was just reminded.. I'm a tenth grader. Shiiit, it feels like just last year I was Gr. 7 or something, and Mr. Evans was assigning something he took from another teacher like he always does D:
ugh. fck this. school go away. i dont want you here and that's just the truth. i cant lie to myself anymore, i'm really sad and, kind of mad .. ?


PS. Twitter's being a shitty whore. faaaack. why am i so maaaad right nowwwwwww.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

hai tumblr.

I did it. I got a tumblelog. So yeah. I feel like I've betrayed blogger or something. Nooo blogger, I love you! I won't leave you for tumblr! What drove me to get one was this girl's daamn tumblr was playing these really good songs, and I wanted to ask/message her like "What's this song? blah blah blah.." But it was all like, "log in to ask" and I was like, "FFFFFFUUUUUU." But anyway... I kinda love the tumblr community right now.

Lucid Dreaming

The idea of lucid dreaming kind of got me a little bit scared last night, not gonna lie. All these darn teenagers are trying to do it! Why?? Okay, well I can see the fun in it... but what I've heard things like if you look in a mirror it will turn into a nightmare. WHAT IF YOU CAN'T WAKE UP! What if you accidentally make your dream into a scary one, just by thinking 'I hope this dream doesn't go bad.' or 'I hope i don't get attacked'. But okaay... if you have the guts :)

(taken from here )

It’s amazingly awesome…you have to experience it for yourself.
Here are the rules set in a simple format. There are other ways to do it, but this is the WILD (Wake Induced Lucid Dream) way. Do it in the afternoon for a nap, or after about 4 hours of sleep, otherwise it will be difficult to accomplish.

* Lay in a comfortable position.

* Relax all your muscles. Imagine them being numbed to where you can’t move them.

* After about 30 minutes of your eyes being closed and not moving a single muscle (don’t control your breathing, either. Let your body take control and breathe by itself), you will start to itch or feel the urge to roll over or move. This is your unconscious mind’s way of seeing if you are still awake. If you ignore these urges, and remain still, your mind will eventually think you are asleep and disconnect itself from your body and you will enter sleep paralysis.

* You will see colors, hear voices and sounds, etc. Stay calm, and remain still. This is the transition between wake and sleep. If you freak out or get excited, you will wake up. Eventually, these colors, shapes, voices, etc. will go away.

* Open your eyes. You are now in the dream world, a realm that exists within your mind. Pinch your nose, you can still breathe. Touch your hands, they will go through eachother. Do a few simple things you normally could not do in real life to make sure you are dreaming. Make sure to stay calm so you don’t wake up.

* Go do whatever the fuck you want to.

My life ATM

I'm so bored with Twitter right now. Nothing's going on...
Twitter may keep me sane, but I find peace in blogger.

I've become quite the tumblr addict now, actually... I am debating on whether I should get one.. if I do, then The Zoot Pod will be dead. But I like all the funny pictures and heartbroken teens who fill their tumblrlogs with confession-type quotes, or whatever. The idea is intriguing.
Also, I just tried this new candy/snack/junk food called Hello Panda.
IT'S SOOO GUUUD. It's definitely up there with Pocky and Puccho, yknow wuht I'm sayin?

What else is there... on Sunday, motherdear went to a jewelry and shoe show, and brought some goodies home for me :D

Alright, well I guess I better unpack my luggage from Florida... it's been sitting on the floor of my room for.. 4 or 5 days now. My room is sooo messy!!! And on top of that, it's sooo hot! HOT AND MESSYY!!! ...ROOM. LOL, don't make it dirty, you sicko.

I have OneRepublic in my head, yknoww their new song... Secrets? yess, that's what it is :) I will now go add that song, and also Misery by Maroon 5 into my playist!

Ohmagawshhh, I wanna be in Tdot right now. I love the city. And the lights.
Which reminds me of this song (everytime I think of city lights):

"Take Me To The Riot" by Stars. Starts around 1:05. This song is a classic <3

I'm just riding round the city with my hood on and my windows dooowwn/Ask you're girl, I'm the realest n*gga she been around/When I pull up in something new, and park it by the haters/and when you get to talkin bout the greatest...
/...I just really hope that youuu think of meee.
[Drake lyrics... gotta love the guy. Oh! And he's from Toronto :D]

But yeah, there's so much goin on right now in T.O. On Sunday August 8th theres was Z 103.5's Summer Rush music thing with artists like Hedley, LMFAO, Jay Sean, Stereos, Blake McGrath, Girlicious, B.O.B, Faber Drive (eww), JLS, and more.I think this was held at Canada's Wonderland? Or maybe they were just sponsoring... where is the Kingston Theatre, or whatever it's called. Then, from Friday August 13th to August 20 there is the After Dark Film Festival which is screening The Human Centipede! I wanna see this movieeee! The main reason being because this guy 'Patchy'in my grade posted the trailer on facebook and everyone watched it and went crazy. But it's not in theatres, just at this film fest, and i wanna see itttt. So ya, there's a lot of hype on this movie. I also wanna see The Last Exorcist which is screening there too. Not just these two movies, but just being at a film festival in general sounds & seems kinda cool. Sorry, Toronto Film Festival*
On the 13th, there's a rave.. but it seems pretty sketchy so uhhh, ya. OH! CNE is baaack too! Or if you prefer the long name, Canadian National Exhibition. Anyone wanna join me? Tickets are $16, not too shabby. I'd rather the CNE than the Ptbo Ex (anyday!). What else is happeningg?? *Checks iPod calendar* Danny Fernades is performing in Sauga on the 21st! That seems exciting :D Also, this Buskerfest thing on the 28th? Not sure about that one...

cali loveee
Aaaaah, Cali. I got lovee for youuu. I wouldn't mind being there right now either. Even Florida would do! I'm clearly still in vacation mode.

Okayyy.. one more picture, you ask? Alrightyy! This next one is liefff.
pedo dad

Okay, I'm done. LOL. I will go eat some fresh-cut fruit--actually maybe a full out meal--, POSSIBLY clean my room/unpack, and then watch some show or something. I really want to watch You're Beautiful, but my sister's sleeping and she'll get mad if I watch without her.
...she just twitched in her sleep.

[Note: This took almost 2 hours to write and post. Wow. So long.]

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Maaan, for pete's sakes, scratch that sweepstakes

Waaadduupp gangstahs. Nuyukas? Bitties? Hahahaha, i'm kidding!
I just came back from a pree chillaxed vacay in the sunshine state! The weather was glorifying, and...and.. it was fun :) Huh, i dont really have much to say on thiss... I went to Seaworld's Aquatica for the secondth year in a row, and they had 2new rides, so yeee :) but most of my stay was in Vero beach where we borrowed my Auntie's second house, and just kindof lived there for a few days. Hahahahaa, anyways!

I've been listening to Drake's latest album Thank Me Later alot lately. I know the lyrics to about half the album!! LOL ya, so when i got home, I got a fricken mosquitoe biteee, liek WHAAT IS THISSS. Florida dont have that problem -_-urrgghh.

Okay, wow this was a super boring post, my apologies :(
i'll just leave you with a song and a pichaa! :)

What can I say about this song? It's suuuch a banger, even though a little soft to be one, but it's just sooo infectious, no? I just wanna get up and go out and dancee when I hear it... good stuff.

"DJ Got Us Fallin In love Ft. Pitbull" -Usher

For the heck of it, I threw in this remix by DJ Kue, cause I liked it too. Enjoy fellow zoot-podders!

And I came across this pic taken from screen stills of the movie Up, a few weeks ago... isn't it cute! Ahaa, anyways, PEACE.
Up ^

Friday, July 16, 2010

Kiyoki Rickatahko. -Nahh, dude you're Ricky.

[To anyone who read that weird rant of mine.... That was written out of tiredness/frustration/isolation. I don't hate ANYONEE. Do not trust emo me. juss sayinn.]

Anywayssss, I think I just caught Much Music playing a Heidi Montag song. Whaaaat. LOL.

Getting off topic again. Have any of you heard the Gorillaz's new song? On Melancholy Hill? It was actually released like a month ago, but still. Check it out if you haven't heard it.

I love the video. It's so grool.

Video: 8.5/10
Song: 9/10

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Toodaloo mothaf*ckaaa

*Emo post, please skip.*

Uurrgh, I'm such a lil' f*ck up. Nooo, dont say that. I'm just.. stupid. BLAAAHHH I feel dumb, anyway. Today was great and all, but I just can't help feeling down. I dunnooo... maybe it's because I just got the vibe from everyone (friend-wise) that they didnt really want much to do with me. am i ugly? am i a monster? what's wrongggg? Someone slap me? Pwease?
No no... that's not what I want. What I want is a yummy-in-my-tummy Drumstick cone, and a bag of Miss Vicky's Jalepeno chips. No, that's not what I want either. What i want is a hug... what I want is to be closer with bjmel again. What I want is for people not to avoid me! Whatever, I'll just hang out with my lil' cousinss; they're freakin super-balls of energy, and even though I might be super-freakin-tired, they're pretty scveet, and they'll give me a hug. :) "So long, gay boys!" -Mr. Chow

Sunday, June 27, 2010

BME Pain Olympics Reaction

HAAA. It was liike 3 or somethin' in the morning, aand I was suuuper bored, so.. I ended up watching the BME Pain Olympics.
Oh shiiit.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh you fancy, huh?

Like, you don't even KNOW howw super friggin excited I aaaaaaaam :D
I'm just so excited right now it's unbelievableee!!!
I don't think I've ever wanted summer so much in my lieeeff.

Anyway, I'll stop. LOL
Sooooo, I think I've found the perfect bikee!
Puma Pico Bike $720 US. Ahhh, if only it were $600 cheaper :(

puma bike :)

It's really great too 'cause you can fold it right in the middle!!
Aaand you should totally check out the other bikess too! Here's the link!

So moving alongg. I really wanted to post something about my inspirations right noww :)

I think D-Pryde is sooo whimsically delish. Like, I think he's so real, and I dunno... he just exudes not just a confidence, but a vulnerability that I really admire :) :)
His covers are the besst. And when he raps it's like "YES." OMG, that totally rhymed! TEEHEE.
"You're A Jerk Freeverse" -D-Pryde (PLEASE play this on big loud speakers)

My 2nd inspiration?? His name is Andrew... something. Hahahahaa!
Well, I may not know his name.. [EDIT: It's Andrew Gunadie, I'm pretty suree]
Anywho, he's pretty HILARE. and he makes sick beatss too!!!
I love his voiceeeee, and his videos are really nice to look at. LOL.

AND, his tweets are always entertainig to read :D

Heeeere's gunnarolla!

"2 Becomes 3 Becomes 1" -Gunnarolla

YAYAYAYAYAA enjoy prease! :)

Also also alsooo... what else?? (this post will NEVER END muahahaha)
This saturday... Sound Academy has this thingg, where the Philippine All-Stars are coming to Tdot! Aaand J.Reyez will be there too! OH EM GEE.
I wanna goooooo, but I live so freakin far awaayyyy, wahhh..

End of post, ayeeee.

-SUMMER 2010, let's make sh*t happen.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's Nothin'.

CMYK Panda by Sergiohead
Heyy you. YEAH, you.
Canna get a high fiveeee?

Heyyy bloggoshpere. How YOU doinn? (Joey Stylee) Maaan, I'm soo blehhh right now. It's hot and humid, which I lovee, so I'm not complainingg :)
But it's also exams week. FAACK. Aand mee, Esuterra, infamous for procrastinating, is dyingg.
Is sighing.
I'm cryin',
gettin high and
still FLYin ;)

I really can't concentrate, what with the weather, and all. And summer is just 1 day away for me, so I'm like super revved :D

I did okay in Phys ED, I bombed English, I dropped like 10% in science, and well.. religion I'm safee.

okay. breathe.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


so so.. quick post? possiblyy.
heyy - remember when i said my highschool life would go down in flamess? YEA B*TCHZ TOTALLY PREDICTED THAT! Like daamn, i should be a psychic.
Anywayyy, it was my bday on... wednesday? yea, wednesday. I'm 15!! aand i still dont know what i wanna gett!
I've been thinkingg...
-a Yankees or a Blue Jays retro hat, i'm not really sure, i like em both..
yankees hat
blue jays retro hat
maaan those are sexxy, eh?? hahaaa

-A sweeeet bike !
i was thinking about one with a basket..
bike w/ basket
but i've been swayed by H&M's street ones (not actually sold at H&M, btw.)
h&amp;m street life summer '10 bikes

-a SoReal Cru shirt or hoodie
I know these are kind of their old stuff, but i think they're nicer than the new merch... maybe I can find them on ebay or something..
soreal tees
aand i couldn't find a pic of the red hoodie ANYWHERE so i took screen stills from their videos :)
soreal redhoodie

-OR maybe i should ask for some $mulah$$, so i can put it towards getting a new iPod (mine's broken), or a camcorder, or a Canon Xsi or Xs DSLR camera.

anywhoo, that's just my wish list right noww, i'm ouut!

ps. one more week of school [EXAMS.] and then it's summa timee! :D

"Like A G6 Ft. The Cataracts & Dev" -Far East Movement

Friday, June 11, 2010

Heyy Theree.


"Up In The Air" by Dumbfoundead

Show the guy your support! Download & donate here!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Korean Goodness

Soooooo guess what? Today is the day that I recieve, my special late Christmas presents. They are 3 Korean CD's. These albums I have declared NOT to put on my iPod until I get the albums, so I've been waiting since like June to have them , heehehehe. The first one is 2NE1's First Mini Album. It is only an EP, so there are merely 7 songs. That's less than Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster! The second one is G-Dragon's first solo album, Heartbreaker. This album has gone through a lot; plagiarism & copyright issues, and even being labeled as 'innapproprate for miners' (well... at least for people in Korea). No offense, but I feel like North America can handle the concepts in Heartbreaker. I mean... look at the Pussycat Dolls, and HAVE YOU SEEN JEREMIH'S NEW VIDEO FOR HIS SONG RAINDROPS?! But I respect the reserved-ness of Korea's society; that's actually better, so... moving on. The last album I got is T-ara's Absolute First Album. it's like a freaking book (hardcover, might I add) and it's like really long, but you know, it's still awesome! I've never seen packaging like these 3 CD's in my life before. You know why? I'm not racist, but those asians are darn creative, aren't they? Or maybe thir companies arejust plain rich. Each of these CD's cost less than $20! Like that's amazing value for this kind of packaging, it's unbelievable.

When I first received them, I was taking a nap since 3 and it was 6 when my dad called me downstairs. I woke up with panic, shook my head out, and opened my eyes real wide, so it didn't look like I just woke up, because I'm not supposed to be sleeping. I came down and there they were; my 3 albums. I gasped, I smiled, and then i ran upstairs yelling out "I NEED MY CAMERA! WHERE IS MY CAMERA?!" So after messing up my entire room looking for the camera, I thought to myself, Mom. I went downstairs, jerked all the CD's away from my dad's arms (*exaggeration*), thanking him, then running upstairs to celebrate the arrival of 'my snowglobe collection' (Just Friends reference). I call my mom, and confirm that she does infact have the camera, then I take my iPod and tweet, "I GOT MY LATE CHRISTMAS GIFTS! 2NE1 FIRST MINI ALBUM, GDRAGON'S HEARTBREAKER, & T-ARA ABSOLUTE FIRST ALBUM!!!!!!! :D <3 " only to realize that I was on my sister's account! Ugh, frustrating!! I turn on my computer, but then I couldn't find my glasses. I found my glasses, but then my comuter froze. FINALLY I get on twitter, fixed up my twitter mess, then here I am blogging about my presents. Then, I tried to upload the pictures of the albums, and I was going to, but I accidentally pressed cancel!!! *sigh* What an adventure ehh? Happy New Year guys!

*Note: I accidentally dropped some food in my keyboard and when i tried to get it out, three 6's appeared on my screen. Freaky! Yes I'm a littel superstitious, but how can you blame me? That's really freaky!*

2NE1's First Mini Album

G-Dragon's Heartbreaker

T-ara Absolute First Album