Saturday, January 2, 2010

Korean Goodness

Soooooo guess what? Today is the day that I recieve, my special late Christmas presents. They are 3 Korean CD's. These albums I have declared NOT to put on my iPod until I get the albums, so I've been waiting since like June to have them , heehehehe. The first one is 2NE1's First Mini Album. It is only an EP, so there are merely 7 songs. That's less than Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster! The second one is G-Dragon's first solo album, Heartbreaker. This album has gone through a lot; plagiarism & copyright issues, and even being labeled as 'innapproprate for miners' (well... at least for people in Korea). No offense, but I feel like North America can handle the concepts in Heartbreaker. I mean... look at the Pussycat Dolls, and HAVE YOU SEEN JEREMIH'S NEW VIDEO FOR HIS SONG RAINDROPS?! But I respect the reserved-ness of Korea's society; that's actually better, so... moving on. The last album I got is T-ara's Absolute First Album. it's like a freaking book (hardcover, might I add) and it's like really long, but you know, it's still awesome! I've never seen packaging like these 3 CD's in my life before. You know why? I'm not racist, but those asians are darn creative, aren't they? Or maybe thir companies arejust plain rich. Each of these CD's cost less than $20! Like that's amazing value for this kind of packaging, it's unbelievable.

When I first received them, I was taking a nap since 3 and it was 6 when my dad called me downstairs. I woke up with panic, shook my head out, and opened my eyes real wide, so it didn't look like I just woke up, because I'm not supposed to be sleeping. I came down and there they were; my 3 albums. I gasped, I smiled, and then i ran upstairs yelling out "I NEED MY CAMERA! WHERE IS MY CAMERA?!" So after messing up my entire room looking for the camera, I thought to myself, Mom. I went downstairs, jerked all the CD's away from my dad's arms (*exaggeration*), thanking him, then running upstairs to celebrate the arrival of 'my snowglobe collection' (Just Friends reference). I call my mom, and confirm that she does infact have the camera, then I take my iPod and tweet, "I GOT MY LATE CHRISTMAS GIFTS! 2NE1 FIRST MINI ALBUM, GDRAGON'S HEARTBREAKER, & T-ARA ABSOLUTE FIRST ALBUM!!!!!!! :D <3 " only to realize that I was on my sister's account! Ugh, frustrating!! I turn on my computer, but then I couldn't find my glasses. I found my glasses, but then my comuter froze. FINALLY I get on twitter, fixed up my twitter mess, then here I am blogging about my presents. Then, I tried to upload the pictures of the albums, and I was going to, but I accidentally pressed cancel!!! *sigh* What an adventure ehh? Happy New Year guys!

*Note: I accidentally dropped some food in my keyboard and when i tried to get it out, three 6's appeared on my screen. Freaky! Yes I'm a littel superstitious, but how can you blame me? That's really freaky!*

2NE1's First Mini Album

G-Dragon's Heartbreaker

T-ara Absolute First Album