Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire/ Jack Frost nipping at your nose.

So as you can see, I guess you could say I have been putting off blogging for quite some time now. More specifically: around a month!! Oh my goodness! Oh my gosh! Why? Not sure why, really. I guess it may have something to do with un/in-confidence, OR maybe it's like a guilt trip has been planted on me. Dangg. Anyways, I'm terribly sorry for my long hiatus. Wait. No I take that back. I'm not sorry, because no one even reads his (and if you do, you must be someone who likes to WASTE THEIR TIME!), so why should I be sorry? EXACTLY! There is noooo reason. And you know, I'm gonna add something to that. I'm still not in the mood for blogging. Not one-bit. I just really, really, really, really X 100 wanted to write about this big one righttt herr: CHRISTMASSSS!

"Chestnuts roasting on an open fire/ Jack Frost nipping at your nose/ Yuletide carols being sung by a choir..." There's nothing like the sweet sound of Nat King Cole singing this holiday classic to put me in a festive mood. But then, once you replay the song over and over, and over again, well, there's nothing like that repetitive sound to take you out of that mood. So be careful kids - WARNING, I REPEAT, WARNING: DO NOT REPETITIVELY PLAY FESTIVE HOLIDAY CAROLS 3 WEEKS AND COUNTING IN A ROW, I REPEAT, DO NOTTTT OVERPLAY CLASSIC CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!! Anh, I've already made that mistake. This morning, I even made a CD of my favourite Christmas carols. There are 13 songs on it, and personally, to me, 13 = bad luck number = yuck = do not use this number. So, yikessss.
*COUGH*COUGH*COUGH*COUGH*COUGH*....*COUGH*BLARGH*COUGH*ROAR*COUGH*COUGH*RAH* Omg, I am seriously coughing my heart out, I am coughing every five minutes, and that's a fact. Like I actually sound like that imitation of me above, mannn. And I just coughed now. And again. And again. Ow. I'm feeling light-headed. *sneeze/cough/hiccup*

You might be wondering, its 3 AM on the eve of Christmas - or, you could say, Late night on the eve of Christmas eve. Anywho, you might be wondering why I'm typing this up soo late. Okay, well, you may not be thinking that, or you may not even be thinking, for that matter. But I just want to clear the air for all those wonderers out there (wonderers out there? haha, that's RICHH), I am typing this late because I vowed not to post about Christmas on Chritmas Eve, or Christmas Day. So there's thatt.

What's on my Christmas List? Let's see....
*Britney Spears "Circus" Album
*Kanye West "808's And Heartbreak" Album
*H&M Gift Card
*American Eagle gift card
*Eclipse - #3/Twilight Series (YES, SHUTUP, I'm a fan. got a problem with that?)
*Subscription to Nylon Magazine
* Lulu Magazine (Just ONE issue, pleaseee Santa??)
*Big lense Camera (you know, those big chunky ones that photographers use? yeahhhh)
*Scrapbooking Kit
*The Dark Knight DVD

Mannn, what a spoiled kid, huh? Well, I can humbly tell you, that I only got 2/10 of those things, *hint*hint* mom and dad... Nahh.. I'm kidding, it's already too late to go out and buy those. But uhh, there's always boxing day..... *'nother hint*nudge*nudge*

What else is there to tell you???
I guess I could just talk randomly about the things I would like to say, starting noww:

1. Two days ago, I made a slide with my brother. Or so it was an attempt. Basically though, we just kept slamming into the tree, somehow always at the end of our slide. Crazy, huh? Dang tree. I kid. I love you tree.
2. Three days ago, I made a slide with my friend. There were turns. It was awesome.
3. Must watch Elf, today
4. Speaking of today, my cousins are coming over. Talk about PARTAYYYY. I kid again. My cousins are 11 and 6 or 7 (i'm not too sure of their ages, actually).
5. My sister Kim is also coming over, she is bring gifts. I happen to know that she got my the circus CD. YESS. SCOREE. Oh man, i reallly hope she got me that. I know I shouldn't have much expectations. But I can't control myself, I'm a cat after all. :)
6. Hate this number, so I'm skipping it.
7. I think my Dad's awke,and is about to crash on me for being up this late. C'mon keyboard, be quieter!
8. Merry Christmas, Everyone.
9. Happy Birthday to you, Jesus!
10. Hope everyone has a great Christmas.
11. I'm past 10 now.
12. If I think of what to say next, which i just did (haha), I will tell you.
13. Here's what i just rembered: I made a little video of me drawing a Christmas doodle for you!! :) I named him Bobo. (pronounced: boe-boe.)

15. I recommend doble clicking on the vid, and watching in high quality
16. I saw the magazine that has my banner picture, above at chapters. I really wanted to buy it. But I went to have Teriyaki food, before the mall closed down. I found it funny, since i got there at closing time, that everywhere else (like KFC, Subway, New York Fires, etc.) was closed while, Teriyaki, and ThaiLand (both asian) were still open and serving. Huh.

Love, ♥♥♥
Pissu! :)

P.S. Credits to photos will come later! Right now, I gotta get some sleep!


Anonymous said...

Don't get EOS cameras; they're horrible, like I know you're talking about the big lens ones, but seriously, they end up costing a lot, cuz if you want different zooms and ISOs or etc., you need different types of lenses. Those are for professionals, just get a PowerShot IS or something like that, definitely Canon, if not, oh well.

Esuterra said...

No PowerShot! AARGH! I want the real onesss... :) GIVE ME NOW. Man, you know a lot about cameras.

Anonymous said...

No, seriously. Get a PowerShot, it's not one of those shit ones where you just take it for no artistic purposes, see some pictures, do research. cause if u don't know how to use it or the basic information, it's like painting with a canvas or no paint. if u just want a camera to point and shoot, these cameras aren't for you.

sorry, photography and other art forms and highschool turned me in to a total shithead.

Esuterra said...

you are a sh*thead. if I want an EOS caamera, I'll get an EOS camera.