Friday, October 30, 2009

I'm not your toy, no no no. Toy, no no no.

i've got h e a r t
Wow. That's actually quite scary.

You know what? I feel like Twitter is my own like lil mini blog now. That's probably why I don't blog anymore. Right now I'm listening to a crappy Tegan & Sara song and forcing myself to eat a large box of Halloween Smarties from last year. its actually pretty gross. and then thirst ruins the moment. I just took a sip of water that tasted like MONEY - what is that about??? And no, I'm not implying that the water tastes like I'm gonna be rich or anything, of course not. What I mean is that it literally tastes like a bunch of dirty pennies. Yummeehh, isn't it? Oh! And now I'm listening to a fairly good Tegan & Sara song - nope, the song ended. What's this playing now? Not just a country song, but a BANJO SONG?!?! Asian disgrace!! *SLAP.*

Apparently, Im cool. Don't get arrogant, Estella. *slap.*

Last night was my school's halloween dance!!! wooooooo! (Why am I still listening to the banjo song?? **slap on both cheeks-face cheeks of course, perv. or am i the only one who thought of butt cheeks? blehhh**) ANYWAY. Back to the dance; it was pretty sweet. It was a (omg, now it's a super mario song - WTF?) video dance and there were 2 screens playing music videos, impressivve. The songs could have been better, and it could have been darker, and less monitored by all the teachers and yes: policemen (real police - not halloween costumes here people). All in all, it was a fun night and according to the principal "one of the best dances she's ever seen/been to since she came to our school". Nice job, kids. My costume was pretty sick-and emo-but thats okay. But it could of been alot better since I only had half an hour to glue zippers to my face and make myself look scary. Yup, you heard right; there were zippers on my face. To get into details, the zippers were under my eyes, and it was supposed to look like you could unzip my skin to expose the flesh underneath.

Abrupt ending: bye. :)

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