Tuesday, November 10, 2009

[Lady Gaga - Bad Romance]

All I can say is this tops Paparazzi. ^^

Video: 10/10
Song: 7.5/10

From Muumuse:

God, where to start? Honestly. each summary of the video I’ve attempted to write in the past hour ends up spilling out as a frantic shouting of nouns. (The Alexander McQueen! The big sunglasses! The ugly cat! The sex trafficking! The fire! The hair! The fire-boobie contraption’s comeback!)

Basically, “Bad Romance” is as though David LaChapelle, Alexander McQueen, George Romero, and the Wachowski brothers, and a handful of gay men with a sense of humor were tossed into a room with a camera, a million dollar budget, and then told, “The theme is sex trafficking…GO.”

Mademoiselle Gaga has effectively stolen my heart away: It isn’t just she’s married high fashion with classic horror–she also proves to be a damn good dancer to boot.

If there are those still dubious about whether Gaga’s on her way to becoming a pop icon, this video effectively nullifies all doubt. Fuck “Single Ladies”…this is history in the making.

Has the new Queen officially arrived? I believe, yes.

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