Sunday, December 20, 2009

Grow some big feet, all is love

Just watched Where The Wild Thongs Are. It was great! I actually loved it a lot! The kid who plays Max is so cute! And the monsters were scary! Oh and I apologize for my lack of writing skills. I really can't write anything anymore. But no guys, like actually, this movie was soo good! Like The Book! And the soundtrack, is shoplift-worthy. I mean you should buy it 'cause it's that good. (I'm not being sarcastic if thats what it seems like) When the movie started, I was just thinking to myself about how people told me it was okay. And its always great to have low expectations, isn't it!
The story starts off with a pretty lonely kid named Max--oh, and wild. One night he goes crazy and runs away into a land of 'Wild Things'. He favours one of them, Carol (guy or girl? I still don't know) and he becomes their king. These creatures fall apart pretty quickly and have their own problems like anyone else on this earth. Problems like worrying if the sun will die. Can max bring them all together and be the best king they've ever had? or will he fail miserably?
Ohh man, I can't write a summary if it counted on my life. There you go; that's my sh*t review. Overall, pretty solid movie. Great casting, soundtrack, lighting. Not as iconic/classic/legendary as I hoped it would be (like the book is), but it's done the story (by Maurice Sendak) justice. Very deep and thought-provoking Max, this angry little child should be this year's role model for little boys everywhere. I can now see into my little cousins's odd mind. What a cool movie, huh?

Thought: I would laugh if the film was exactly like the book. :D

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