Tuesday, December 1, 2009


wowww did this day take a turn for the worse or what? I feel like I'm left in Quadrant 4 on a math coordinate grid! I wake up and theres snow and Im all happy today despite bombing my test yesterday. I come home feeling happy and was making a card for my dad's b-day (today), and also about to blog about how i felt the upcoming month was gonna be great BUT then my dad comes up and tells me I have to fix this promotion sign thing I previously made for my mom's business. I already fixed it like 5 times already so I was kind of ticked, cuz I had to start over in order to fix it. Then as I'm doing that, my friend calls for math help, and shes a talker so we talked for idk, 45 mins. After that I totally forgot about the card and was doing stupid time-wasting things on the computer. My dad comes up asking why I forgot about his birthday. I didn't forget, I'm sorry! And he's REALLY mad. :(

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