Sunday, July 4, 2010

Toodaloo mothaf*ckaaa

*Emo post, please skip.*

Uurrgh, I'm such a lil' f*ck up. Nooo, dont say that. I'm just.. stupid. BLAAAHHH I feel dumb, anyway. Today was great and all, but I just can't help feeling down. I dunnooo... maybe it's because I just got the vibe from everyone (friend-wise) that they didnt really want much to do with me. am i ugly? am i a monster? what's wrongggg? Someone slap me? Pwease?
No no... that's not what I want. What I want is a yummy-in-my-tummy Drumstick cone, and a bag of Miss Vicky's Jalepeno chips. No, that's not what I want either. What i want is a hug... what I want is to be closer with bjmel again. What I want is for people not to avoid me! Whatever, I'll just hang out with my lil' cousinss; they're freakin super-balls of energy, and even though I might be super-freakin-tired, they're pretty scveet, and they'll give me a hug. :) "So long, gay boys!" -Mr. Chow

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