Sunday, June 27, 2010

BME Pain Olympics Reaction

HAAA. It was liike 3 or somethin' in the morning, aand I was suuuper bored, so.. I ended up watching the BME Pain Olympics.
Oh shiiit.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the extended version? It's fucking sick. It's the one where this guy has that one other guy tied on hooks and shit and he's all sketching out (he legit has foam coming out of his mouth)

Esuterra said...

Omg no I didn't see thaat, lol the vid was hard enough to fiiind! :P But of you find it... U know, hit me up LOL

Anonymous said...

LMAO my friend and i watched it at the school's library.. we got paranoid 'cause i thought the librarin knew what we were watching (i'm guessing she did 'cause when we went out she gave us this really disappointed/fucked up look that i've never ever seen before from her). anyways, it's SICK (not the good kind). i'm pretty sure i can find it... i'll let you know, but it's just like an extra 20 minutes added onto the BME Olympics hahaha.