Friday, August 17, 2012

We ain't got too far to go before we make it

Hulloooo. So Hi! hahahaa, I havent blogged on the Zoot Pod in so long. It feels..weird. Odd. Peculiar..
Anyways, uuhhmm. In 2 and a half weeks, I'll be joining the high school leagues as a twelth grader (wat!) and shit's going down. My life will be layed down before me, or, will be uprooted. Who knows? Who even knows what I'm saying? Lol cause I don't [insert elipsis]. Uhhh yeah so i guess this is just a post to get back into this thang ageen, lul. Idunno, I did quite a bit this summer but theres a lot of things I still want to do that I can't say cause I dont wanna jinx them, but ya! It's not ova okee. :) :) okey.
lol me as a wee niney. i look the same doe


HelenCurtis said...

I've become quite the tumbler addict now, actually. I am debating on whether I should get one. if I do, then The Zoot Pod will be dead. But I like all the funny pictures and heartbroken teens who fill their tumbling with confession-type quotes, or whatever. The idea is intriguing. Visit here:

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