Monday, June 1, 2009

[Metric - Sick Muse]


Okay, if the music posts keep coming, this blog will seriously die, along with my grade average (ahaa!!), but I honestly just can't help it!!!!!there's so much good music, anddd it never stops, and it's so easy to post about music, rather than fashion, because all you need is ONE picture, and a music video (or perhaps not...) and voila! A new post! With fashion, there's like 5 billion pictures, that I would need to upload onto photobucket, so the picture(s) can be of good quality! Hmmmph, I'm just super lazy, that's all.

Anywaayy, I've got another music video for you (err for me, seeing as probably nobody visits this blog)! And it's from METRICCCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have I mentioned I loved them? Yea like 900 times Oh... Well, I love them. Their second music video from their latest album Fantasies (so much itallics use.. I'm not sure if this post can take anymore!!), "Sick Muse" shows the band jumping around, rockin' out, you know how it is. A very simple music video, that not only makes me smile, but suits the song quite well, I must say. So, please, enjoy.

Song: 7.5/10
Video: 8.4/10

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Anonymous said...

Great song, great video.