Friday, June 5, 2009

Procrastination Ride -- care to join me?

Pretty good ace-kicking day today! Okay let me start at Monday. My class is hit with 2 projects (and me, well I had 3 because I was late on one, due 2 weeks before...). One project was an Anthology, where you had to pick a topic and write a prologue, 2 journals, 5 or 6 poems, an essay, a short story, and an epilogue, all the while making it look like a scrapbook; the other project was for Geography, in which you had to pretend you were being forced out of Canada or the US, and had to pick 3 countries to move to, compare them, grade them, pick the one you thought best and write how and why you made your decision; and my extra project was also for Geography; it was supposed to be just a simple poster, but my friends and I were kindof dumb and decided to make a movie, which turned into an epic fail (the camera got soooo messed) and well, we ended up after filming EVERY SCENE WE NEEDED, dropping the project because the camera went wierd and had one night to do the poster project. Anyway, so I'm off to work for the rest of the week...blah, blah blah, and come Wednesday, I was like SHOOT. Everything's due tomorrow! (Because the teachers' deadline was Friday for Report Cards). So I was in major stress mode--because knowing me, I procrastinated and didn't do anything for all of Monday and Tuesday--and I pulled an all-nighter so I could finish my projects. Turns out, I only finished one [the Geo one (not the movie) that was very well done by the way] and was late for school, again. because I was picking up scrapbooking supplies for my anthology. When I got to school, the teachers organized this thing, so that if you were done ALL OF YOUR WORK you could go relax and watch movies. If not, you were in the computer lab working your butt off, or in other people's cases, socializing. I worked my butt off ofcourse, still didn't finish, and was pretty damn grumpy for when we did Track and Field (partly because I lost my lucky shoes for Track & Field, that I found back at home later that day) and refused to do anything. Then, on that night, I was planning to pull myself through another all-nighter, even though I knew the official Track & Field school meet was the next day, and I had no sleep the night before. I worked, worked, worked, like friggin hard, and accidentally fell asleep at 3 AM. I woke up at 7 AM, angry at myself for falling asleep, skipped breakfast, and finished the rest of the writing for my anthology. I got all that I needed (supplies, and everything) plus the stuff for track and field, and then headed to school. There, my teacher allowed me to work on my project in between events, and after doing this all day (and skipping all snack and lunch breaks), I finished, with about 40 minutes to spare! During that 40 minutes, we finished off the field events.

Unbelievably, I got through the day without passing out or falling asleep! I did all the events except the 15oo m, and the 800 m. I did about 15 minutes of high jump, with like 1 min set on me--because I jump from the left side, so lefties had to wait for the righties to finish their first jumps--made it, then left. *Sigh.* I wished I finished it!! I only jumped 1.05 m! Why did I leave??????? oh ya, 'cause their organizing was sh*t (I don't even want to go into details). I made the 100 m, relay team, running long jump, and (hopefully) triple jump!

YAYYYYYY! This was our last week of homework. Ugh, relieeffff!!!!! IM FREE.

Now, I'm going to eat. Then I'm going to sleep. PIISU.

P.S. My friend told me today "I've never seen you this tired before."
I replied, "I'm not tired..." LIES.

Also, please watch this freakishly true and awesome animation:

-The Zoot Pod

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