Sunday, August 8, 2010

Maaan, for pete's sakes, scratch that sweepstakes

Waaadduupp gangstahs. Nuyukas? Bitties? Hahahaha, i'm kidding!
I just came back from a pree chillaxed vacay in the sunshine state! The weather was glorifying, and...and.. it was fun :) Huh, i dont really have much to say on thiss... I went to Seaworld's Aquatica for the secondth year in a row, and they had 2new rides, so yeee :) but most of my stay was in Vero beach where we borrowed my Auntie's second house, and just kindof lived there for a few days. Hahahahaa, anyways!

I've been listening to Drake's latest album Thank Me Later alot lately. I know the lyrics to about half the album!! LOL ya, so when i got home, I got a fricken mosquitoe biteee, liek WHAAT IS THISSS. Florida dont have that problem -_-urrgghh.

Okay, wow this was a super boring post, my apologies :(
i'll just leave you with a song and a pichaa! :)

What can I say about this song? It's suuuch a banger, even though a little soft to be one, but it's just sooo infectious, no? I just wanna get up and go out and dancee when I hear it... good stuff.

"DJ Got Us Fallin In love Ft. Pitbull" -Usher

For the heck of it, I threw in this remix by DJ Kue, cause I liked it too. Enjoy fellow zoot-podders!

And I came across this pic taken from screen stills of the movie Up, a few weeks ago... isn't it cute! Ahaa, anyways, PEACE.
Up ^

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