Thursday, August 12, 2010

My life ATM

I'm so bored with Twitter right now. Nothing's going on...
Twitter may keep me sane, but I find peace in blogger.

I've become quite the tumblr addict now, actually... I am debating on whether I should get one.. if I do, then The Zoot Pod will be dead. But I like all the funny pictures and heartbroken teens who fill their tumblrlogs with confession-type quotes, or whatever. The idea is intriguing.
Also, I just tried this new candy/snack/junk food called Hello Panda.
IT'S SOOO GUUUD. It's definitely up there with Pocky and Puccho, yknow wuht I'm sayin?

What else is there... on Sunday, motherdear went to a jewelry and shoe show, and brought some goodies home for me :D

Alright, well I guess I better unpack my luggage from Florida... it's been sitting on the floor of my room for.. 4 or 5 days now. My room is sooo messy!!! And on top of that, it's sooo hot! HOT AND MESSYY!!! ...ROOM. LOL, don't make it dirty, you sicko.

I have OneRepublic in my head, yknoww their new song... Secrets? yess, that's what it is :) I will now go add that song, and also Misery by Maroon 5 into my playist!

Ohmagawshhh, I wanna be in Tdot right now. I love the city. And the lights.
Which reminds me of this song (everytime I think of city lights):

"Take Me To The Riot" by Stars. Starts around 1:05. This song is a classic <3

I'm just riding round the city with my hood on and my windows dooowwn/Ask you're girl, I'm the realest n*gga she been around/When I pull up in something new, and park it by the haters/and when you get to talkin bout the greatest...
/...I just really hope that youuu think of meee.
[Drake lyrics... gotta love the guy. Oh! And he's from Toronto :D]

But yeah, there's so much goin on right now in T.O. On Sunday August 8th theres was Z 103.5's Summer Rush music thing with artists like Hedley, LMFAO, Jay Sean, Stereos, Blake McGrath, Girlicious, B.O.B, Faber Drive (eww), JLS, and more.I think this was held at Canada's Wonderland? Or maybe they were just sponsoring... where is the Kingston Theatre, or whatever it's called. Then, from Friday August 13th to August 20 there is the After Dark Film Festival which is screening The Human Centipede! I wanna see this movieeee! The main reason being because this guy 'Patchy'in my grade posted the trailer on facebook and everyone watched it and went crazy. But it's not in theatres, just at this film fest, and i wanna see itttt. So ya, there's a lot of hype on this movie. I also wanna see The Last Exorcist which is screening there too. Not just these two movies, but just being at a film festival in general sounds & seems kinda cool. Sorry, Toronto Film Festival*
On the 13th, there's a rave.. but it seems pretty sketchy so uhhh, ya. OH! CNE is baaack too! Or if you prefer the long name, Canadian National Exhibition. Anyone wanna join me? Tickets are $16, not too shabby. I'd rather the CNE than the Ptbo Ex (anyday!). What else is happeningg?? *Checks iPod calendar* Danny Fernades is performing in Sauga on the 21st! That seems exciting :D Also, this Buskerfest thing on the 28th? Not sure about that one...

cali loveee
Aaaaah, Cali. I got lovee for youuu. I wouldn't mind being there right now either. Even Florida would do! I'm clearly still in vacation mode.

Okayyy.. one more picture, you ask? Alrightyy! This next one is liefff.
pedo dad

Okay, I'm done. LOL. I will go eat some fresh-cut fruit--actually maybe a full out meal--, POSSIBLY clean my room/unpack, and then watch some show or something. I really want to watch You're Beautiful, but my sister's sleeping and she'll get mad if I watch without her.
...she just twitched in her sleep.

[Note: This took almost 2 hours to write and post. Wow. So long.]

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