Thursday, August 12, 2010

hai tumblr.

I did it. I got a tumblelog. So yeah. I feel like I've betrayed blogger or something. Nooo blogger, I love you! I won't leave you for tumblr! What drove me to get one was this girl's daamn tumblr was playing these really good songs, and I wanted to ask/message her like "What's this song? blah blah blah.." But it was all like, "log in to ask" and I was like, "FFFFFFUUUUUU." But anyway... I kinda love the tumblr community right now.


DaRaa said...

Hi! what's tmblr about? Sounds fun!

Esuterra said...

hello! :D
tumblr is just another site for the many bloggers out there! i like it because its more of a mixed media short posts kind of thing. you can reblog other people's stuff and the people on it are really cool :)
hope that answers your question? i'm new to tumblr so I don't really know much!

zocy said...

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