Friday, September 26, 2008

LET'S HAPPY...please? [PREVIOUS: Aug. 25th, 2008 at 6:10 PM ]

It's a true asian invasion waiting to happen.

Hello there. First post so bare with me! :D It's a hot summers day, in a boring boring place.The sun is up, the lake is shining, the trees are blowing, but all I seem to feel is the autumn's breeze filling the air with its musky smell, feel, sound. School. That's what comes to mind at least. School is coming and all I seem to accomplish is checking my emails, make my bed - I can't even muster up enough unlazyness to do that! My room is a mess, I'm too lazy to clean it; all my summer tasks: putting finishing touches onto my completely unorderly website, further learning Adobe Photoshop CS3, being free and happy, are left messy and untidy. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! Can't I do one thing without leaving it half-done? Really? I can't even seem to manage to do that? Wording. Again with the wording. *smacks head* I mean someone knock some sense into this poor, little girl (that's me, ofcourse)!

Ok, now where was I? Oh right. School. That treturous (excuse my awful spelling, really) system of mathematics, english, science and crap. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! But..but what is enough? Is school truly all that bad? I don't believe so. maybe.. Well I think? I guess. I mean, my friends are there, I learn, I actually do something with my life! Unlike my days of summer, which is almost over by the way (and will lead me to my next topic - SOON!) my summer is lazy, unaccomplished, computer-based, attemptish, and well, alright. Idk, something just feels off, wrong. Am I missing something? Maybe it's my messy environment sitting there (like me!) waiting to be used...or moved...or thrown out? Gawsh, this place is a mess. Maybe I'll start there. Oh, but it is already too late. I've started here, at LiveJournal. So uhm, thankyou very much LiveJournal. Atleast you were helpful enough to 'knock some sense into me'.

NEXT TOPIC - TV SHOWS FOR FALL!Ooh! I cannot wait until all my fave shows will start again - The Hills (which has already started - GASP! and is on tonight!), The Secret Life of the American Teenager, yeah, I watch that a problem with that?, Gossip Girl (LOVE LOVE LOVE! ♥), 90210 (America's most famous zip-code), Heroes (YAY!), THe Office (which I have tried to watch previously, but was unsuccessful in keeping up :( there was too much homework, sadly), and that's just a few of them, oh oh oh oh oh, this year, yea, this year I'll undoubtably (spelling, again!) fail from all this TV! Argh! (I'm a pirate!)

And last but not least, just updating you, (or should I say myself, 'cause, I mean, who reads this anyway?) I'll try to fit in a photoshoot today (or tonight?) after my hair dries from swimming and finishing up my dresses 2007 page for my site, hmm, I'm thinking...anything else? Ah! I'll possible work on my wishlist for Net-A-Porter since, there is way too much 'wishes" in it! I need fall clothes! I'm already behind by 30 frikkin emails! GIVE ME A BREAK! AHHH!! In the meantime, just wait for the invasion. Trust me, it'll unleash the invasion-ness soon, but beware, because it's already begun.

*ellee. ♥ a.k.a esuterra.

Music: "In The Ayer" By FLO-Rida

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