Friday, September 26, 2008

School Is Here! You can smell it. [PREVIOUS: Sep. 7th, 2008 at 2:42 AM]

The end of summer has finally approched, and well, you know what that means...SCHOOL IS HERE! And yes, so I know this is kindof late, but, what can I say?! I had school! I had homework! GAH! This year is my last year for elementary, so I still can't decide if that's a good tihng or a bad thing. Uhhhhhhh, I'm so tired right now. But I really want to write this blog. I've been telling myself all last week, gotta write that blog before school starts...School Starts. Gottawrite that blog after you finish homework. Finishes Homework and goes on yutube and hotmail. And now it's my bedtime and I'm writing this?! My blog does not deserve my forcing myself to blog-ness. Maybe I should stop. In all due respect to my bloggg.

Last year's graduate's have ditched me for high school now. And now I'm all alone, with nobody, NOBODY! No, it's not like that at all. I mean, ofcourse I miss them, but I have my buddies here, so best of luck to them-without me! haha! Anyways, to kick off a successful (SPELLING! ... i think...) first week of school (to make it extra special it'll be: First Week of the Last Year of elementary School".... Ooooh, that is wicked. ) I've gotten picture stills of Demi Lovato's Brand New Music Video 'Get Back". She'll carry me along until the year. Don't let me down, Demi. I actually got the pictures a week ago, on... either Wednesday or Thursday, staying up till four getting them (that's how much I love her! ♥ - joking!).


Today, I tried to do a photoshoot, with some weird makeup, and this shirt I got from Ross. No, -it turned out awfully. I guess maybe it's because of the fact that I was, really, squeezing it in right before I had to work, so eveything was rushed, and messy. SLOPPY! F! I FAIL!So I'll post the best pics, if they're bearable enough for me to see and show to eveybody. Which reminds me, of the model I'm absolutely in love with right now, 'Hyoni Kang' LOVE HER, LIVE HER, EAT HER.

Once again, this blog is jumpy, unsettled and well - piecy, and doesn't flow. Maybe I'll get better. Who knows. Maybe I'll be the next big thing in blogging. Ahh! I hope not! Goodnight!

Love, Ellee.

Mood: tired. :(
Music: "Everyone Knows Remix" By N.E.R.D.

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