Friday, September 26, 2008

Come On Down To The Freakshow

I know, I know, shonky and lazy post today (woah! totally stole that from Susie Bubble!) but how can i not? She's amazing! And I am literally in a master-frenzy -i don't even know what that means- right now! LALALALALALALALALALALALALALAAAAAAAA!!!! I want to scream with joy! Because after extensively searching for certain Nathan Jenden LFW backstage S/S 09 pictures, i finally found it. AND I AM SO EXCITED AND HAPPY. i love fashon! i'm obsessed! I'm an obessesed teenager (i am?) who loves fashion, and fashion week, and editorials, and all that good stuff - all thanks to Piczo! Kudos Piczo! Thanks for everything! I owe you! And do you notice how i'm practically ending all my little enteces in exclamation marks?! Because I am jumping inside, up and down and all around for my accomplishment! (Atually, that was supposed to end in a period, but I changed it to an E.M. -exclamation mark = E.M.- to show my loyalty to my prclaimation of ending all my senteces with E.M.'s! And to add a beatiful yummy cherry on top of things, I was looking at my emails from net a porter, and I just slapped on that queasy smie of mine, because everything is so beautiful. But then I was sad, because after not checking my emails for 2 weeks (how could I do that?!) I have to check all 230 emails, and it practically takes like half an hour an email! And as I just checked to see what email I was on now, (I should improve my typing, because this is taking long, all I wanted to do was show you my excitement) which is #168, it is a catwalk queen email, thankyou shiny media! But then agin not so much, because of my crappy homework-every-night schedule. So frantic. I'm leaving here, hope to get back to you soon!

P.S. I'm obsessed with Demi Lovato! :O

Nathan Jenden Backstage LFW S/S '09

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