Friday, September 26, 2008

Only happy monsters play in the mud. =] [PREVIOUS: Aug. 27th, 2008 at 9:49 PM]


I'm kidding. Well not really..kindof. Sigh. Well, we just got this new program for learning Japanese. IT SUCKS. I'm not learning nothing but the word "person" all it looks like, is a banana peel. Yea, go look it up on Google language Tools. Really.

- Well yesterday I went to see The Rocker with that 'Dwayne' (?) guy from the office and that Emma Stone (?) girl from Superbad. Haha, good movie. You know, it was what I expected completely; totally predictable, but still FUNNYYYYY!! :D

Well right now, I am learning (online) how to do a CSS Decorative Gallery from WDW. Wow, I just discovered it today, and it's freaking AMAZIZING!!!!!!!! Not very clear with the whole thing, just yet, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it sooner or later. Mosst likely it'll be sooner. I wanna know how to the whole corkboard with taped-up picture gallery thing. Uhhh, but it's so confrusing. Yes, I did say "confrusing" and not "confusing" - got a problem with that? Oh, but who am I kidding? Nobody visits my site WHATSOEVER, it's utterly and completely unorganized, and well, inupdated or should I say BEHIND! YESSSSHHHH!

So I gotta go now (or I want to leave now) because, I don't want top be typing all night since I am rather SLOW. lol :)Right now, I'll spend my time on WDW and DeviantArt. Oh! And how could I forget O.K.? Alright, I'm gonna go watch 'What Happens In Vegas' now. It is already 12:36. I'm Ellee, and the movie has just started, so goodnight to you all! :) Peace!

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Music: "Get Back" By Demi Lovato (it's in my head)

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