Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Uhm, I'll make his quick.
I have a french test to fail, and a novel study to fail.
Wish me failure! ;)

Hah, sorry people, if I don't post for a while...well, you know why.
Shoot! now I'm just procrastinating! My show is on in 10 minutes!
And I'm supposed to study?
Hmmph. I think we all know where this is gonna lead to; FAIL.


P.S. This post is inspired by www.HiMyNameIsAlexLee.blogspot.com
Go check him out!


Anonymous said...

Oh my God.
So, I found your blog after reading a comment you made over the summer. And, oh my God... :)

Esuterra said...

What comment? TELL ME NOW! and tehe, i mentioned you in this post!