Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The NEW Dictionary.

So I thought you've held on long enough now... (okay, I just totally forgot!)But you're probably wondering why my first few posts all say: PREVIOUS: DATE, BLAH BLAH

Well, before I came to blogger, I had a live journal...Yes, I know, "A LIVE JOURNAL? LIKE IT'S...ALIVE?!" :D - YES. My journal was alive! OMG! And I ate it! AHHHHH!

So today I made up a few words. Ok, not a few, just 2.

One word is "demasiamoré" or "demasiadamoré" Pronounced: ^dem-mass-see-a-more-eh or dem-mass-see-a-da-more-eh Meaning: Over-love (to love more than LOVE) The Origin: demasiado - overly (SPANISH) and, amoré - love (ITALIAN)

>------------and also...-------------

Word: Nabasmuto Pronounced: nah-bah-smoo-toe Meaning: So bored, you're sad Origin: Nababato - bored (FILIPINO) and, Smutny - sad (POLISH)

Anyway, what's new?Well, I'm just you know, same old, same old.Listening to my cruddy hometown radio station - which plays like 10 songs on repeat! I'm not kidding! :(So, really? What's new...I think I will change my banner-logo type thing. I don't really know what to call it.Sob. And I'm tired. Really really really really X5 tired. Man, if I had the option of sleeping in a soft comfy bed for a year, I would. Oh yeah, definetely.Ok, so I'm off to procrastinate some more!Off on my heroic saga to save the world! Cut that. heroic saga to save myself from working!Hah!

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