Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Weird Dreams?

GAH! So just a quick post today, because i should be getting ready fror school.

Do you get weird dreams? Well, ofcourse you do! What kind of question is that, right? But do you remember them? Lately, I've been remembering my dreams... or maybe that's just me taking clips of my dream and then making up the whole story behind it. Hmmm... that's something to think about for sure. But, before I lose this morning's dream, I will tell you (?). Ok, here goes: Today, I had one where I went on my grad trip, and we stayed at some university residence, I think it was called Carlton University...don't know why but w/e. And so we were all waking up to have a fun day on our grad trip, but first we had to take out all our permission forms for some reason. Our university was like that muesuem from night at the muesum but without some of the museum-y stuff, like the dinosaur and blah blah blah. I was mesmorized by the bug thing, where there was this huge house centipede and a huge spider, in water (?) and they were fighting, but in my dream, I had a hard time focusing cause I was so tired. So as our supervisor was collecting all the forms, I wondered off and then somehow i ended up waking up in a room. At first i thought the room seemed familiar, but then I realized that it was my room! I was home! I thought, the only way to prove this is my room is to look under my pillow for a special bead necklace that I put under there. When I felt under my pillow for the necklace, and struck something that was some jewellry (ma, I GOT to improve my spelling!) - but at the time, I thought it was my necklace. i looked at it, but it was only some fancy jewllery, and so I reached under again, but there was only more and more and more jewllry so i got out of the room, to find our supervisor, just in case they hadn't left yet. I stumbled into a room where my sister was sleeping in a bed in the middle of the room, and somehow I knew it was her, but as I crept in (she was sleeping!) She asked "WHO IS THERE?" in a strong, but not manly voice. Then, before I could answer she jumps out of bed and swings out her sword. She was dressed in a karate outfit and so I left in search for the supervisor again. I found her in the lobby, where the bug thing was but alot of things were broken (okay only two, but still) She was still managing things, so i go up to her, ask if we are leaving yet, she says some things, yata yata yata... I thought, this lobby is beautiful so I went to go get my camera, when all of the sudden I'm in a room with my 2 best buddies. We were playing dolls in a house, because, there was my "sister" dressed in a white outfit with a black bet ('member the karate thing and the sword? yea, it was there) everything was there and so i thought wow, that was a weird day dream...and then I REALLY woke up into reality. Huh. Well i gotta go, talk to you soon!

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