Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blue Skies Turn Grey, Over The Mountains


I'm not sure if I should be excited or not. It is quite beautiful though.

And as I walked off of my bus, I couldn't help but look around and stare in awe of the beautiful nature. 5 minutes ago, the sky was bright and blue, then BOOSH! It turned grey (boosh and not bam because I'm trying to maintain that soft aspect of this post, like snow).
So as i walked off my bus, the wind swept my hair across my face, and i whipped it away with a swoosh of my neck. People were about, but I didn't really care, I just twirled quickly to look at my favourite scenic place I see every morning as I wait for my bus to come. As the short walk halted to an end, I bent down and picked up some snow. It melted in my hand, but it was beautiful, although I had to wipe it away on my jeans since there was dirt in it. I stepped up the stairs, the boards creeking under my feet, frozen from the chilly weather. I went inside, and up the stairs to now, where I am blogging. I started this post and it started snowing less, clearing up just so much that could you can now see the hills (they looked like tall mountains, it was stunning). But now the snow has stopped. And you can see the bright blue sky again. As the saying goes: It went as quickly as it came.

P.S. This is the second time it snowed this year (not including the early months that accounted for last winter and spring.) This is fall and it snowed in mid-october. Buh-bye now!

OMG! Look at the leaves! DISGUISTING!!!

Music: "The Youth" By MGMT
Mood: Tranquil

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