Thursday, November 13, 2008

MARCH. (not the month)

Ahhh, so hopefully, maybe, almost certainly, I won't include music in my post today, but you never know. Really, I was uninspired to blog. i though, "gotta blog, gotta blog", i go on to blogger, mood rockets itself into space. Then I go sleep. Man. What a bore I am? And then I wake up, have half an hour to do some math, maybe, then enter TV Land, where all the TV shows want me to faiilllll. This is probably what the producers thought when thinking of their shows.
Producer: I think we should create some new shows this fall, so Estella can do miserably in school.
Other people: I ull heartedly agree. Great idea, Tom.
Other Person: Well, she probably won't fail. I think you're exaggerating. She just will have to work EXTRA hard. Maybe, stay up till 2:00 AM, then TRY to wake up at 4:00 AM. ofcourse, she won't be able to come out of her deep state of sleep. So then, her sister will have to hake her up at 7:20.
Producer: Sounds like a plan! What shows should we add to the list, on top of all the other shows. I mean, how can Estella go through with our plan, without obstacles?
Other people: How about.... Priviledged? orthe new 90210? Ahh?
Other Person: Mmmhmm!! And She hasn't been trying to watch The Office, even if she wants to, let's add that to the list!
Other people: Thinking. Oh! How about So You Think You Can Dance Canada? 30 Rock? And Stylista!
Producer: Well, I think our plan is full proof! All we have to do, is make sure the episodes are fullfilling enough for her taste, then she will have to ditch homework for TV, for at least 2 hours a night! People, great job today.

So that's most likely what happened when this all started. And I'm not gonna list my h/w and stufff, cause now, it's just annoying. Trying to gain your sympathy, when clearly all it's doing is making you think, Ughh, we get the idea! Now GET OVER IT!

Man, I love itallics. It brings a sense of ooohhh factor-edness to a post.

Anywho..... today I cam across this AMAZIZING blog run by a twelve year old girl who loves fashion, and has the best sense of style I've ever seen on a 12 yr old. Honestly, i couldn't blieve my eyes. I thought at first, this blog iscool, maybe I'll add it to my "Blogs I'm Following List". Then, I read the decription, as she said she was twelve, and i was like, what a joke. So, then I look at pictures of her to see if she really was twelve. Believe it or not, I looked at them pictures, and still thought she wasn't. Allthough, it is quite clear. There was a video with her talking about how people should vote (for Barrack Obama) in the American election, or else she would hurt you. Then I started to believe her age. I'm still stunned now, as I think about it, how she's twelve. And she was such a phenomenal blogger. There's her, then there's me. She is prodigious, and there i am, taking words like 'prodigious' from

And I still have yet to talk about Halloween. SHUTUP, I know it's late, but I have pictures, and how I have 1000 + emails, I WANT to read/open in my inbox, and about music (hahaha), Christmas, and books! BUT I CAN'T. I really need to start on my geography. I'm sorry. I know I said I would't mention homework- too late! So hence the title, 'MARCH (not the month)' because I am Marching, i should say trudging - and no, that was not looked up from a thesaurus - along, as I try to balance life on the run here.
So today, as I looked at those 12 yr old girl's photos, I was like, man, I wish I had a camera, that could do cool pictures like that. So i started to HATE MY CAMERA! I mean, it's good for ducumenting one's life, or vacations, or hangouts, or facebook photos. (Ha!)
But not so great when taking self portraits or what not. BUT NOW I LOVE MY CAMERA AGAIN! YAYYYYY!!!!!!! I thought, I need a blur, i need a blur, and what better way to get a blur without editing than night vision, and lots of lights, while shake my head around?!?! And it was turning out great, until my battery died. DANG IT! Oh, well, at least, I still got these great pictures! I'm so dainty right now! :) :) :) :)
Yes, but don't ask what the X is for. I wanted something artistic, or "artsy' as Miley Cyrus thought... :S Because at first, I didn't know these pictures would turn out like this, so I thought i would have to edit them, and make them black and white. That's where the X comes in. In mono colours (that's black and white, right?) I thought maybe the X would look enticing (THAT was from, but now there's no need! HIP HIP HOORAY!

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