Saturday, June 19, 2010


so so.. quick post? possiblyy.
heyy - remember when i said my highschool life would go down in flamess? YEA B*TCHZ TOTALLY PREDICTED THAT! Like daamn, i should be a psychic.
Anywayyy, it was my bday on... wednesday? yea, wednesday. I'm 15!! aand i still dont know what i wanna gett!
I've been thinkingg...
-a Yankees or a Blue Jays retro hat, i'm not really sure, i like em both..
yankees hat
blue jays retro hat
maaan those are sexxy, eh?? hahaaa

-A sweeeet bike !
i was thinking about one with a basket..
bike w/ basket
but i've been swayed by H&M's street ones (not actually sold at H&M, btw.)
h&m street life summer '10 bikes

-a SoReal Cru shirt or hoodie
I know these are kind of their old stuff, but i think they're nicer than the new merch... maybe I can find them on ebay or something..
soreal tees
aand i couldn't find a pic of the red hoodie ANYWHERE so i took screen stills from their videos :)
soreal redhoodie

-OR maybe i should ask for some $mulah$$, so i can put it towards getting a new iPod (mine's broken), or a camcorder, or a Canon Xsi or Xs DSLR camera.

anywhoo, that's just my wish list right noww, i'm ouut!

ps. one more week of school [EXAMS.] and then it's summa timee! :D

"Like A G6 Ft. The Cataracts & Dev" -Far East Movement


Anonymous said...

new layout's looking dope :) haha and the bike is pretty neat. i just realized i have a bike haha. WE'RE GOING ON A BIKE RIDE TRIP TO SOMEWHERE.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

haha so excuse my rude double postage but i just saw an ad about that new social network phone and there was an asian guy and his name was ALEX.

Esuterra said...

LOLOLOL okayyy deaal! we'll go for a ride and then icecreamm? sounds good. hahaha thanks! the banner picture is from 2ne1's Try to follow me mv loool