Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh you fancy, huh?

Like, you don't even KNOW howw super friggin excited I aaaaaaaam :D
I'm just so excited right now it's unbelievableee!!!
I don't think I've ever wanted summer so much in my lieeeff.

Anyway, I'll stop. LOL
Sooooo, I think I've found the perfect bikee!
Puma Pico Bike $720 US. Ahhh, if only it were $600 cheaper :(

puma bike :)

It's really great too 'cause you can fold it right in the middle!!
Aaand you should totally check out the other bikess too! Here's the link!

So moving alongg. I really wanted to post something about my inspirations right noww :)

I think D-Pryde is sooo whimsically delish. Like, I think he's so real, and I dunno... he just exudes not just a confidence, but a vulnerability that I really admire :) :)
His covers are the besst. And when he raps it's like "YES." OMG, that totally rhymed! TEEHEE.
"You're A Jerk Freeverse" -D-Pryde (PLEASE play this on big loud speakers)

My 2nd inspiration?? His name is Andrew... something. Hahahahaa!
Well, I may not know his name.. [EDIT: It's Andrew Gunadie, I'm pretty suree]
Anywho, he's pretty HILARE. and he makes sick beatss too!!!
I love his voiceeeee, and his videos are really nice to look at. LOL.

AND, his tweets are always entertainig to read :D

Heeeere's gunnarolla!

"2 Becomes 3 Becomes 1" -Gunnarolla

YAYAYAYAYAA enjoy prease! :)

Also also alsooo... what else?? (this post will NEVER END muahahaha)
This saturday... Sound Academy has this thingg, where the Philippine All-Stars are coming to Tdot! Aaand J.Reyez will be there too! OH EM GEE.
I wanna goooooo, but I live so freakin far awaayyyy, wahhh..

End of post, ayeeee.

-SUMMER 2010, let's make sh*t happen.


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Esuterra said...

no :(
my parents are cheaap. lol jk, it's ok, i didnt really expect them to get me one in the first place... i just really want one :P