Friday, July 17, 2009

[Lily Allen - 22]


So okay. I know I promised to blog about Asian stuff, but I just can't help it, when there is a new music video (i love to blog about those!) out there, sitting, waiting for me to post about their fabulosity, you know I gotta do it! It's mandatory procedure! IT'S A NECESSITY TO THIS BLOG.

So blame the nonasian-posts-that-i-said-i-wouldn't-write all on Lily Allen. Because she just came out with a new music video (in korea or some other asian place, they say 'MV'... that's something for ya!) so I had to break my promise, and that basically got me back into the world of new music videos. So sorry.

The music video is for her new song, '22'. Its supposed to be officially released on August 25, but the Zoot Pod is just soo exclusive (for you non-sarcastic peeps, I'm lying.) that I have the music video right HERE! Lily looks fabulous, and well, my only criticism is that don't really want to see her standing in front of the mirror for more than half the song! C'MONN!

- The Zoot Pod

Video: 8/10 (now that i watch it again, it's pretty good... and a bit confusing?)
Song: 7.5/10

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