Friday, July 17, 2009

My Lucky Star

My Lucky Star. Just the name, sounds corny... and would you say... a little dumb? Yea, I would say so. From the very first episode till nearly halfway through the season, this show has been a let down. But let me tell you RIGHT now those first couple of episodes? So worth it! All the boring stuff just accounts for a litttle relationship building and voila! After a while of that, the real show can start! My lucky star, about a woman Xia Zhi Xing or Ah Xing (whatevs) who used to be a con artist, selling fake high end jewelry, and scamming people. She meets this man Zhong Tian Qi, they fall in love, and well the rest falls apart there.

I haven't finished the season yet, and I really don't want to. In the time span of 5 minutes, it can get me to feel giddy, then sad, then completely frustrated (mostly that!), then sad again. I'm telling you right now, if you ever happen to watch this tangled web of a show unfold, every... i don't know, 10 minutes ATLEAST will have you going Don't you dare do that or I'm going to KILL YOU!

And if you don't like it at first I'm begging you, please don't give up on it, please give it to episode 12, at least!

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