Monday, July 20, 2009

Stardoll's got me going crazzyyy!

Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

SO what should I tell you today? I have good news and bad (kind of) news. I'll start with the good.

Yesterday, I'm logging onto to one of my favourite websites,, and yea just doing my regular stuff, when I remembered that I should check some Stardoll-based blogs to see if there are any new cheats or free stuff, or whatever. I go onto a site called and the latest post stated,

"The writers for Gossips Next Star have been chosen!
30 writers have been added to the blog, and now it's getting started.
Next weekend, 10 of the writers will be eliminated.
You, the readers, will get to vote to see who should stay and who should go.
The person who is voted the best writer of the week will also get a small prize.
All the writers who were chosen have been sent an e-mail by Blogger inviting them to join the blog. You can start writing as soon as you get the e-mail."

and then I remembered. I applied for the writing job thingy! So I go check my email, searching for an email from blogger, and let me tell you, the moment I laid my eyes on that email marked, Fiona-You have been invited to join Fiona's blog, I think my heart stopped. BUT it was 4 in the morning, so I couldn't exactly go around the house running and screaming in joy. Oh my goodness, though, I was REALLY happy. Haha, and I bet you can guess what I did next..... I TWEETED IT! LOL! Ya so anyway, I'm all excited and and I wrote two posts (one was from my application)!

Okay, now the bad (kind of) news.

I'm giving up. No! Don't try to encourage me to keep going! CUZ I CAN'T. How am I supposed to keep coming up with new material, it's truly impossible. Anyway, I guess I'll try to keep in the competition (I'll probably be voted off soon), cuz it's pretty fun, and I can say that I tried. If I don't get chosen, I really don't care, so it's all good. I mean, just making it into the comp is good enough fo me, shawty! Plus, this blog is hard enough to manage anyway. Yea, that was actually hardly even bad (kind of) news.... heh heh..... alright, SEE YAH!

Oh yah, check out this outfit I drew on!

-The Zoot Pod, Esuterra

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