Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Can You Hear My Heart Beating Like A Hammerrr?

So I finished Twilight yesters, which means that I finished it in LESS THAN ONE WEEK! Kabaam! An no, it's not like that is the quickest time I have ever read a book, no. Absolutely not. Buttt, it is a pretty thick book, and being that I finshed it less than a week, to me, it's like: WOW.

I was sitting on the kitchen table floor, eyeing a used-to-be fluffy green pillow, thinking about a post alot like this one. Oh my gosh, I swear, it was definitely eyeing me back. And imitating my face. Like I was using my tongue to feel the outer side of my teeth (it's a habit), and the pillow -since it has swirlies on it, it somehow formed a face- was looking at me with it's mirage-ish eyes, and mouth and mimicking the same movements. I stopped. It stopped. I picked at something. It did the same. I did the tongue thing again. It did it again. So then I got up, peeled a clementine, and left.

Sorry, about my deadly transitions. Like I'm not even making the effort to slip into each different subject, I wanna talk about. I just like, double enter then completely talk bout something else. Oh. Here we go again...

I got my Highschool Application forms like a while ago, and now they're finally filled in. Yay!!! But then I realized I had to write a few reflection-type essays, explaining why i want to be in whatever class. Noooooo!!!!! And I have such busy weeks to come, like it's not even fairr. Ahh, I shouldn't worry, after all, they are just 250 words minimum, sooo..

I haven't incorporated any music in The Zoot in quite a while, so here you go:
MP3: Help, I'm Alive - Metric
I know it has been out since the summer, but it's been stuck in my head all day, and what better way to ring in the new president but with Metric? haha, man I love Metric so much. Please don't break up, if that ever happens.

Also, I think I will skip on the whole 'what I got for Christmas' post, but I think I see a new layout coming soon, which shall be good. Andddd, a couple of book & CD reviews, and best songs (or w/e) of 2008? We'll see, we'll see.

A few days bak, I found out I've been saying 'piss you' basically, all along. It's actually spelt:
haha, would it hurt if I said i was human. Oh gosh, no. Not a Twilight quote.

-Esuterra. :)

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