Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rihanna Song Leaks!

Rihanna, lately I've been seeing her and her songs popping up all over Youtube, and I thought, it'd be cool to have a post with all her song leaks from possibly her new album, or maybe songs that didn't make it to the other albums. Anyways, here they are: (there are alot)


This one is supposedly a new one. Uhh... I really like it?


Sexuality, a cover of Prince's 1981 song, Sexuality, from his album Controversy. WOAH! I just realized how short it was. Hmm.


Uhm, this song, it doesn't really have that appeal, but I OH GOSH NO, WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY MUSIC TASTE! I mean, it sounds really raw, which I think is what I like about it, but at the same time, it sounds really messy and unfinished. Whatever.

click here
this one, only is a link, because I couldn't embed it on here, and the other videos are all muted by Youtube, which I MUST say is, extremmeelly annoying. This song is a little disappointing, but it is also a grower...


This one, is my favourite out of all these leaked songs. Probably cuz I just found it yesterday? Hah. That's it. Uhh, alsoitfeaturesAkon. Hehe. See how I sneaked that in? I'M STEALTHY. Gosh, I hope this makes it onto the album. PLEASE CHOOSE THIS ONE, RIRI!!


I also found this one yestersay, and it's also pretty amazing. :)


Dannggg. This one was really hard to find in full version on Youtube. It's not very impressive, but at least it's better than "How I Like It"! So maybe there still is hope for the album, yet!


Hah! This actually doesn't have Rihanna in it, but it seems the song could be about her. So, I just threw it in this heap for fun.

Anyway, there are a whole bunch of others, but they are not sung by her. They're just dems, that are waiting to be sung by her. Poor songs. PRobably crying, "Rihanna, sing me first! Record me first!" -"NO! ME!" I think her album will be released in mid March,and I'm pretty excited, like this is me: BUYING IT! Gosh, this woman needs to take a break.

P.S. If youre wondering about one of the demos, here's one (it's called The Fire):

Happy? Yeah, I told you there were alot.

Not sure what to expect on this new album, but it would suck if it didn't reach the same level of success as Good Girl Gone Bad did.

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