Saturday, January 31, 2009

[Lykke Li - Tonight]


Not sure if I’ll ever get enough of Lykke Li. I don’t post music videos here often, but I think I’m going to start to. “Tonight,” which appears on the US release of Lykke Li’s debut Youth Novels, has one of the most budgeted music videos of the year, seriously.

But what I would have never guessed is how artistic a “one shot/static background” (as Stereogum puts it) music video could be. Lykke Li’s facial expressions and bearly-there fidgeting brings in all of the raw emotion that a video with a $10,000 or $50,000 price tag offers.


I posted the video for Lykke Li’s “Tonight” a few days ago and noticed that the version on the video was different than the version on the album. She seems to be singing the song live just for the video (which is really cool, by the way).

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