Monday, January 12, 2009

dirty bird pushed the button and flew away.


photo (C) Elise M.S./NocturnalMoTH 2009

Just want to quickly update The Zoot before I head to school today!
Uhm, Happy New Yar?
I mean, year.
Happy New Year?
When is it too late to say that? I mean, it's already Jan 12, and that's almost two weeks from the New Year. CAN U BELIEVE IT?!?!?! NOO!!!
Oh gosh what is this? What is this song? *Checked* Viva La Viva - Discotech Remix?!
You can't remix this song. no way José.
Anyways, just want to tell you what's come in 09:
-new things
-more fashion
-new music
- :)
-i don't know what's to come in 2009
BUT; how about some things I wanna talk about? Yesh? >
-New Beyoncé songs
-What I got for Christmassss (shut up, I know it's uber-late)
- Top somgs/artist/music/that stuff of 2008 (excited for that)
-New years resolutions
-Latest muses/hobbies/new found addictions

So ya, hopefully I won't get too lazy to write about those things because I've really been stuck here wanting to blog, but just in that BLOB mood (you that mood) where you really can't do much. MUCH?! Anything at least. Can't do anything. There you have it. Afterall, this is the futureeeeeee (as read in my NYE post)!
Alrighty righty, I'll catch you guys lataaa!
-Esuterra :)

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