Wednesday, January 28, 2009

[Coldplay - Life In Technicolor]

Yummy new single from Coldplay! Well, actually, it'a ALRIGHTT, an easy listening song all around. The video is especially tingly. I loved it. Especially all the little things, like the puppet pulling up the curtains -LOVE IT! All the way to the amplifiers being put up to the stage guys, and the helicopters at the end, bwahahaha. Anyway, if you're curious enough, or if you just love Coldplay, here's the video for your enjoyment! :) I just realized I said 'love it' twice.


Anonymous said...

Ahah, this was actually my least favourite song off of Viva la Vida/Death and All His Friends. It got alright with the actual vocal parts in Prospekts March. I'm so glad they're working on a new record already, Viva la Vida was a huge disappointment. Parachutes and A Rush of Blood To The Head was there best work. X&Y was alright, but this one kind got overboard with the artistic thing.

Esuterra said...

mmhhm, i completely agree. that's why i said its alright, did i not? :)