Friday, February 13, 2009

[Lady Gaga - Love Games]

You know I'm always there for you with new music veos right? Ok, no you don't still. I have a new one AGAIN for you! This time, it's another Lady Gaga, haha, and it's called "Love Games".

It's a very intriguing song from which I have heard from her album "The Fame" back in the summer. Gosh, I am just loving this girl so much more every single time I see her! The video showcases Gaga kissing another ladyy (here come "oohs" and "aahs" and dont forget *gasp!*)and it just further proves my belief of Gaga being a bisexual. What?! Is this a surprise for you? Well, it shouldn't be. The video is basically her dancing around with a whole bunch of guuys, and her at the end doing the "cameltoe" (at which I was doing at my school's dance today...).
Anyway, lees about the video, more about the song, alright? Mmm, there's not much to say about the song other than, "I Like It!" and then make that queasy smile of yours when you've discovered something new. I would say it's that type of DYNAMITE pop song, you know the kind that becomes uber-popular. It's not really the type of song that would change your life, or whatever, but its definetely a club-banger.


P.S. The video is viciously off sync with sound, but it's all I could find for now! If I somehow find a better version, I'll be sure to change it!

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