Tuesday, February 10, 2009

[The Pussycat Dolls - BottlePOP!]

Sooo, brand new music videoo coming from my favourite ladiess; THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS! Oh! Wait. Second favourite ladies - girlicious is numba one. So anyways, back to the song. At first I have to say, I was listening to it, and right off the bat, I thought, 'Eugh. I don't really like this song.' But once I was saw the video, I think the song just suddenly had a much greaterimpact on me. I was then like, 'Wow! This song is great!` And it was, sortof. Pretty much. I feel like it makes Nicole AND the group seem really strong and powerful. And personally, I think the original version - the one with Snoop Doggy Dog - is 10X better. YEAAH! Sooo, here`s the video!

P.S. It does get very repetitive - i just realized! Hmm, my likenes of this song should be reconsidered...

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