Tuesday, February 17, 2009

[Miley Cyrus - The Climb]

Erhm, hmm.. what can I say about this song? ....
I'm a pretty small fan of Miley Cyrus, I mean, I try to like her, but its really difficult. But I'm rooting for her. Especially after her asian candid photo "scandal". Whatevss. So she has a new video for her Hannah Montana movie, and well, there it is below!

No I'm kidding, that's not all I'm going to say....uhhmm, the song is all 'inspirational' or a kidd-y attempt, at that. Disney always seems to have either one or the other: a sad attempt at a pop-dance song, or a childish inspirational song. This one, I would say isss that second one (yeah, you just listen up!). Miley's voice is getting better, I guess, I don't know, andd she sounds pretty good when she's not yelling. I wouldn't really say this song is for moi, I'm not really one for country or any country-ish style, but I'm hella sure Miley's err Hannah's (Montana's) fans will like the song. Oh! And before I forget, I'll just squeeze this little part in there: this song was performed at the Kids Inaugural for Barack Obama! Woo!

And a new feature I will add from now on to my music posts, are ratings! WOO!
I give Miley Cyrus's "The Climb" a: 6.7/10 Not bad, I guess! I wouldn't really give it a 7, but neither a 6.5, so I gave it a 6.7!

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