Tuesday, April 28, 2009

[Kanye West - Amazing (ft. Young Jeezy)]


by hansinderen (DA)

Alright got a new Tuesday video for you - GASP! Omg, I should totally do a Tuesday video thing each week, oh that freakin awesome. Yes, that's a good idea. omg, I'm excited! lol

Butt, anyways, new video. Kanye West. Amazing. It's uhh what would you call it...amazing? oh yea, that's it. The video is aight, mmm, I sort of expected more from Kanye. Idk, maybe I'm just not 'artististic' enough to see it, but its kindof boring to me... I mean, really all you see is scenery, silhouettes, and Kanye in the forest. Fun. But otherwise, I love the song, so...*shrug*

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