Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Snow days...uurghh...

Ughhhhh, I hate snodays!!! You get all hyped up becasue its a day off and you're like Alright, I'm gonna catch up on that homework I didn't do last night, and maybe even do more so I can be ahead. BUT NO THAT'S NEVER THE CASE, IS IT? No. Instead, you end up lazing around on the computer 12 hours DOING NOTHING!!! Like, you just wasted the whole day. Hahh, I can guarantee you that I won't start my homework--which is sitting on the desk right under my elbows that are also resting on the same desk so that I can type this--until 7 PM tonight. Yea, just you wait. You wait and see. PEACE!

Also, obsessed with this:

"Back Together" by Timbaland.
Song: 8.5/10

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