Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Somebody tell Eminem that its 2009

Yea, uhm, because of my genuine uncreativeness, I just took the same title as someone else, sooo... please don't tell me I love your title. It ain't mine!

Okay, Eminem's new comeback video after a... 4? 5 year hiatus? is "We Made You". The song andd video is somewhat irritating seeing as I've seen Eminem do this a million times over and over again. When will it end with him??!!? I thought it already did, but I guess I was wrong. Truthfully, I kindof like the song... orr, maybe it's becasue BOBBY LEE IS IN THE VIDEO!!! Wahhh??? I know. Crazy. A little annoying, yes, but still just as awesome as ever. I think Crack A Bottle should've been Slim Shady's first single (after his break). I mean, it's way more mature and modern, i guesss, becasue 2009 is the fucha ofcoursee.

Song: 6.9/10
Video: 6/10 (I would've given a 5, but Bobby Lee is just too awesome for that)

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