Sunday, April 26, 2009

What's up? Oh just mad, you know how it is.

Urgghh. I want to punch out this screen right now, and trash my room. .................................... WHY AM I SO FREAKING MAD?!!?!?!?!??! Like right now, I want everyone to shut. the. f*ck. up. RIGHT NOW. shut up!!!! Deep breaths don't do sh*t for me. Like ughhhhhhh I'm losing ittttt. Everybody is exceedingly bothering me right this instant. I can't take itt!!!! Like why am I rolling my eyes at everything everyone says? Why do I even care???? URRRGHHHHHHH. THIS MAKES NO SENSE.
A vast majority of this I'm-mad-at-you mood I'm in, goes to my dad, who is killing my buzz for sure. Why? Oh I don't know why. You tell me why. No. The big guns upstairs knows why. *Breathe. Breathe.* Let me guess... Well, I think this all started when I got home, and my dad said something about how I eat too much. Oh yeah. That was definetely it. I think I was in a grumpy mood cuz i was tired from working (almost) all day and vacuuming with this huge, heavy-*ss vazuum that was blowing hot air at me and making me fustrated as heck. So of course when i finally get home, my dad makes that remark, and strike! You're out. Now I'm pissed. This actually happened four hours ago, but over that time period in between my dad managed to squeeze in the same comment about me (and others) two more times. How delightful. Then during dinner, he's telling me that Mars has water on it and how the weather is cold. "It's like -100 C there." is exactly what he said actually. He also is watching some movie with Kate Beckinsale (that he wouldn't tell me the name of the movie) and he basically kept saying this: "oh this guy. Crazy! He`s so crazy. AAAHH! oh noo! What is he doing? He's crazy! Oh, he's crazy. This guy. People are crazy. Oh my gosh, what's he gonna do? Oh no!! He's gonna kill her. He's crazy!" So. Do you see what I'm getting at? Ya. Okay. Crazy. I rolled my eyes at that quite a few times, and he probably saw... yikes!

Okay. I'm not going to go on and rant about this anymore. But basically I wanted him to shut the beep up. But it's all good now. I feel better. Yay! Therapy!

P.S. my brother's watching me. It's kind of making me mad. :)


"Give and Take" By einlee

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