Saturday, March 28, 2009

[Keri Hilson - Knock You Down]

Oh, my, Keri Hilson, you too, are also GREAT! You come seeping into everyone's ipods on The Way I Are and then you go solo. And you've been doing freaking amazingly. Energy your first single, was super good, and thennn Return The Favour which was like awesome, I love that song. You then come up with Turnin' Me On feat. Lil Wayne which is extremely infectious, and a grower at that. Now, on to your fourth single, Knock You Down which is a little weak, but still just as good as your other songs.

In the video, I was kindof confused as to why Kanye West was comfortable doing those touchy scenes. You know, with his heartbreak and all? anh.

Song: 8/10
Video: 7.5/10

- Welcome To The Zoot Pod

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