Friday, March 13, 2009

[Britney Spears - If You Seek Amy] Video!

I've already talked about this song before. You know, the controversial title, blah blah, blah, (not really that OMG anymore, I mean - we get it.) but this time I have the video to back me up.
My critique? Uhm, the usual. The video is what you'd expect for this king of song, dirty, nasty, sexy (er, suppoed to be.) with the news reports, and dancing and choreography and stuff. Uhh, I thought the dancing was little odd, I'm not gonna lie, and I'm gonna guess that the choreography is by Wade Robson? I don't know. Seemed like it. Buuttt, then again, It did seem to go with the whole circus theme? Maybe I'm wrong. Anyway, the video takes an unlikely turn of events, that I didn't expect by the last chorus Brit sings. She turns all goody-goody by the end, and faces the paparazzi with cookies, and a smile. But people still want to F.U.C.K her.

P.S. Did you see Amy?

Song - 7/10,

Video - 7.5/10

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