Sunday, March 22, 2009

[Maria Taylor - Time Lapse Lifeline]

MMM, another yum song song for you, called "Time Lapse Lifeline",perfect timing for spring, eh? eh? Uhh, I actually heard this song a while back, but just kind of forgot about it. And then, I got desperate; I was seriously annoyed of all the songs I listened to. So, I looked it up, and I was like, heck ya.

Uhm, the artist, Maria Taylor, she feels like an old breath of fresh air. Like its still fresh, but I've breathed it before, I've seen it before. I could easily relate her to Regina Spektor (except much less corky), Feist, Cat Power, just to name a few. Also, she looks like that teen Mag, Seventeen--their old editor-in-chief, that alpha kitty person.

1. Maria Taylor 2. AlphaKtty; old Seventeen Mag Editor in Chief; Atoosa

The video for this song, is enjoyable, I really like those cute little dresses they wear, and for some reason I love the part where they're at the poolside, and just lounging and drinking their stolen wine.

Song: 7/10

Video: 6.5/10

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