Sunday, March 22, 2009

Twilight is Intoxicating! AHHH!

So you'll never guess what I laid my eyes on yesterday. Twilight. Isn't that the most randomest movie to watch? Especially on March 21 2009? I thought so. But apparently, not everyone thinks the same, seeing as I went to Walmart to buy the movie, and it was sold out. What a suprise, what a drag. But my dad came home, and suprised me with a rented copy of the movie from Blockbuster.

When I first saw the movie, I thought, "Wow. This movie sort of sucks. I mean, I want to like it, but I can't seem to." Well, that thought is LONG GONE. I actually really like that dang movie (but it still sucks in a way). Like, the movie is not so great, but it is also like really good at the same time. It's intricate, so that the first time you see it, it's aight, but then by the second time, it uses its little vampire powers to lure you in. And now, I'm hooked. Like HOOKED, BUDDYY. Gosh, I'm so obsessed with this movie. It almost makes me mad.

Anyway, I just wanted to go through a few parts of the movie for you all a.k.a. ME. Also, this post might contain spoilers! So watch out!

1) When Bella first walks into biology class, she sees that Edward is in that class too. As she's looking at him, she walks by a fan that blows her "scent" towards him, and he smells it, and is so repulsed (er, seems to be). Like, "What is that horrible stench? Ugh! Bella! Wear some deoderant! Gosh, you REEK!!! OMG OMG OMG, YOU SMELL SO BAD. OMG!!" His expression was funny.
Twilight: Bella Smells "Bad" Collage - Half Size Haha! Notice the owl in the background? Trippy...
Twilight: Bella Smells "Bad" Still - Half SizeCheck out this guy, looking at Bella, lol, idky but it makes me laugh!

2) When Edward finally talks to Bella, he's supposed to be all polite and stuff, but instead he just looked and sounded like some foreign kid! OMG! This was the funniest thing ever! "Hello!" is what Edward says below.
First Hello

4) In the movie, when you first see Carlisle (Edward's Dad), he makes this like grand entrance into the hospital room to check up on Bella. Ahahaha, its like the best simplest entrance ever.
Edward's brother, Emmett is a little odd too. Haha, he was just standing there, and then another brother parks the car, and Emmett jumps out and walks off--book in hand--like that was normal.

5)Taylor Lautner looks hunkier with long hair. Haha, I laughed alot when I saw him with long hair. He doesnt look too bad in this pic, but in the movie, he looks really bizarre.
Jacob Black

6)Taylor plays Jacob Black in the movie, who is a Quileute Indian/Aboriginal, and in the movie, as he is telling Bella the legend of how the Quileutes descended from werewolves, they show this wonderful scene:
"Oh wise one, we must show our brotherhood with the wolves by wearing these..."
"Good idea, young Gelar."

Oh cut the crap! The costume peeps did NOT have to put in those hats. But it was funny.
Also, another problem with the legend scene...
Legends - Vamps
*shakes head in disappointment and laughter*

7) Lol! Apparently this guy is thinking about cats. "Doesn't he look like he's thinking about cats?!" -Catherine Hardwicke.
Cat Thoughts

Okay, so this is basically the part where I get too lazy to write little blurbs about each of the photos, so instead all just throw them to here, for your enjoyment! :) All's good!



The Sun Effect

Where are your pants?

Bella Is Italian

Hold On Tight Spider Monkey


Feline/Bad Vamps THE BAD VAMPS!

The Breakup

Alright, now that that's over with, I have two more pics for you that have nothing to do with the story, and don't worry it's almost over! :)

Alice Cullen, err Ashley Greene looks like Coco Rocha. Well, I think so.
Alice Is Coco

And lastly, Eric in the movie, one of Bella's friends who is played by Justin Chon, weirdly resembles Onch or "OnchMovement"(<--Youtube) from the reality TV show "Paris Hilton's My New BFF". Also, don't you find it peculiar that Justin's last name is CHON; the same letters used in ONCH. What's up with that huh? If they're not the same person, they're definitely long lost twin brothers. FO SHO.

To leave you off with more tastes of Twilight, here is the opening song which I love.
Song: "Full Moon" By The Black Ghosts

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